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Rutabaga Recipes

Looking for rutabaga recipes? Rutabaga is a root vegetable that is similar to turnip. One of the great ways to cook rutabaga, that is also very simple, is to mash it. The mashed rutabaga recipes are similar to mashed potatoes. You can peel the rutabaga, chop it, boil it and then mash it with some butter and some milk (or heavy cream, or half and half).

So if you are looking for rutabaga recipes, try it mashed. The recipe is very simple and you will have a pretty dish of mashed rutabaga.

Mashed rutabaga makes a great side dish for lots of main dishes, such as Beef Stew, Lamb, Chickpeas and Beef Stew, Chicken Piccata and more.

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Rutabaga Recipes

Ingredients for Rutabaga Recipes

3 Medium Rutabagas
2 Tablespoons of Butter
4 Tablespoons of Half and Half

How To Make Rutabaga Recipes

Wash, peel and chop the rutabagas.

Cut the rutabagas into equal pieces. Boil rutabagas until they are done. Drain.

Add butter and half and half to the rutabagas and mash them.

Chop the dill and garnish the mashed rutabagas with dill.

January 24th, 2011

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